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House of bi?

A short BiMediaWatch this month with just one show to report on. Michael Dobbs’ House of Cards series from the early 90s is a fondly remembered drama about the rise and fall of a politician whose determination to avenge a perceived slight should surely be his downfall. Remade for a modern American audience by Netflix, House of Cards USA has […]

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Bi MediaWatch: Revenge of the bisexuals

Vicky Syred looks at bi representation in E4’s Revenge Revenge tells the story of Emily Thorne, born Amanda Clarke, who is seeking revenge on the people (chief among them the Graysons family) who framed her father for aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation and later ordered his death.  In the programme’s history, its four characters who have at least been […]

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Bi Media Watch: December 2012

Welcome to Bi Media Watch! Picking up where BiWatch left off with semi-regular articles on bisexuality, bi characters and all things bisexual in the media. This first one is a bit of a short one, mainly because most US series are on their mid season break, and UK TV is moving inexorably towards Christmas Telly. We are moving into the […]

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Torchwood: Episode guide

Episode by Episode guide So, what makes Torchwood different from Doctor Who. “It’s not so much which stories are available or forbidden; it’s the intensity with which you tell them,” Davies says. Torchwood is here, and it’s for grown-ups. You can tell because they say “fuck” a lot. The first episode of any show has a lot of work to […]

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Kilroy Returns

Recently my partner and I took part in a TV talk show on the topic of Bisexuality.  I don’t know yet how it will be edited, but overall I think that a range of bisexuals was represented and in a positive light. The taping was a little nerve-racking – a reminder of how different my worldview and experience is from […]

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