That was BiCon 2015

BiCon 2015 was on of the biggest ever, the first time it’d been to Nottingham in over 20 years, and for a whole lot of people their first time.

For some, BiCon rocks. Being in a space where most people are bi and where we don’t have to defend or qualify our bisexuality is transformative. For some it’s a bit more complicated. And for a lot of us, at the end we just want to send ourselves a message back in time a week to remember to bring this or to not bother bringing all that.

How was it for you?

Tell us your BiCon highs and lows for our post-BiCon edition… yup, use that little box just here on the page, go for it!  (If you want to be quoted by name or to remain anonymous please include that in the message box).

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