BiConners Will Have a Ball

BiCon 2020 has unveiled its ball theme.

They say in an announcement today that:

“The ball will start at 8pm on Saturday the 15th of August in the student bar.

“BiCon 2020 is trying to be an environmentally friendly event (within the constraints of what’s practically possible, and where it doesn’t clash with access needs) and the ball’s Nature theme reflects this.

“We encourage:
recycled/reused/DIY costumes,
not stressing about dressing up if you don’t feel like it, not judging other people for their perceived greenness or otherwise, avoiding cultural appropriation, e.g. dressing up as spirit animals. (If you’re worried, email us), not using flashing lights, rubber balloons, or creatures that lots of people have phobias of (either for costumes or for ball decoration).”

BiCon 2020 will be in Leeds 13-16 August.