Staying In? Telly Tips

Are you self-isolating or finding that the social activities you’d normally be up to are cancelled and going out just ain’t the fun it normally is?  We’ve been working to round up some bi/queer telly recommendations for you to fill in some of those hours stuck indoors.

First up some new things that have just hit or are just hitting your screens:

  • Trigonometry has just hit BBC2 but there are eight episodes to binge on the iPlayer. Mixed gender couple, she’s bi, and they take in a lodger…
  • Batwoman hits E4 at the end of the month. She’s a lesbian, there’s at least one bisexual character… you’re just going to have to hang in there for about two more weeks before it arrives.
  • I Am Not Okay With This landed on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and is fun teen drama with a dash of superhero and a dash of queer in its mix.

Now for some films for a post-working-from-home change of mood on the sofa:

  • Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (Netflix) is set in the 1940s and has a poly triad relationship, based on the true story of the creator of comic superhero Wonder Woman.
  • Call Me By Your Name (Netflix) is one of those films that never puts the word to the thing but has a clearly bi plot.
  • Margarita With A Straw (Netflix) is a film about sexuality, self-acceptance and people’s expectations around disability.

Next some fab series if you have to kill a weekend alone… and want to put the ‘bi’ in bingewatch:

  • The Good Place (Netflix) has several bi characters, is set in the afterlife and this might be a weird line to sell it but – with its run through different philosophical takes on what is important in life, it might be the show that makes you think the most.
  • Lucifer (Amazon/Netflix depending which season you’re watching) has a clutch of bi characters. We didn’t just list it here for contrast as a show with the devil in it set in this life rather than the hereafter.
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine (Netflix) is a not-too-lightweight comedy with a brilliant bisexual coming-out episode in there.
  • Doctor Who (iPlayer) and Torchwood (iPlayer) both have bisexual characters in – Torchwood especially has a lot of bi characters central to the show, and a great bit of explaining bisexuality and how sometimes you just fall in love with someone of a gender you weren’t expecting. There is plenty of room for reading a tale of transgender experience from the last couple of seasons of Doctor Who too.
  • Eastenders like Doctor Who needs little introduction for most people in the UK – but it gained a long-running bi character late last summer and there’s the best part of six months’ worth of episodes on the iPlayer so you can follow that whole character arc.

And a little bit more problemish:

  • Riverdale (Netflix) has some bi characters but it can feel like they get sidelined rather.
  • Degrassi Next Class (Netflix) does a bad biphobia plotline and later does things that make up for it.
  • Bonding (Netflix) has pretty people wearing sexy outfits, but has been critiqued over how it depicts sex work.
  • Fleabag (iPlayer) – BiMediaWatch was one of the few places to highlight the bisexual signalling in season one, and both seasons are back on the iPlayer now.

Finally if you’ve got children and want to do your own silent bi reading of cartoons

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is on Freeview on TinyPop channel and Twilight Sparkle is a bi flag coloured pony so definitely One Of Us.
  • She-Ra is on the iPlayer and is a remake of the 80s cartoon, with lots of room for bi readings. There are also many more episodes of it available on Netflix.

Thanks to the stories in our BiMediaWatch column over that last couple of dozen issues of BCN magazine for providing many of these ideas (subscribe here to keep that going!)