More Prides Pulled

More of the early prides in the summer season have just announced they are not going ahead – Bury Pride (April) and Blackpool (June) have both cancelled their plans in the face of the scale of the virus we are all collectively tackling.

Swansea Pride and Oxford Pride have also said they won’t be going ahead in the next couple of months.

We expect many others – like Birmingham Pride in May or Manchester Sparkle in July – to make similar moves.  The most optimistic projections for the virus may suggest that life could be returning to normal in July, but it seems foolish to make big and expensive plans for events on that best-case scenario.

Our sympathies are with the teams – most of them volunteers – who have put so much effort in already to planning and organising, fundraising and promoting events for their local LGBT+ communities who have seen their work steamrollered by covid-19.