More Bi-Visible Than Ever!

This originally appeared in BCN issue 115.

I probably said this about 2011 as well, but 2012 feels like the year Bi Visibility Day ‘broke through’.

Within the community there was more going on around the UK than ever.  Events in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Salford, Sheffield, Winchester and Wolverhampton.  Probably there were some more that I’ve missed!

There was a great range in what people were doing too: Winchester had a pub meet-up; Salford a bi themed quiz night; Cardiff, Sheffield and Bristol had picnics.  Nottingham and Edinburgh went for performance events. Brighton town hall flew the bi flag and local group Bothways filled a room at the library with cake, speakers and videos and drew a crowd of over sixty.
London had a stall-filled bi fete and a night of erotic story-telling in Soho.  Manchester had a discussion night at the local lesbian project, a pub meetup, and an outreach stall in the university.  A few days later, Bristol had its bimonthly bi club night Greedy, now running for a year.

Overseas things seemed sparkier than in the past too.  In France, Bi’Cause were doing street surveys around Paris asking people about their attitude to bisexuality – a brave and brilliant visibility thing to reach all sorts of people.  Germany had a BiFest style event called BiBerlin Camp.

There were radio show specials in the USA and in Australia one radio network ran a series of mini interviews with ordinary bi people about bi life through the course of the day. It is surely the most we’ve broken through into the public eye yet!