Welsh and English bis smoke more

New research suggests that bisexual people in England and Wales are more likely to smoke than either gay or straight people.

Yet in Scotland, gay people are bigger smokers than bis – and in Northern Ireland bi people are less likely to smoke than both gays and straights.

The Office for National Statistics has published this year’s figures on the proportion of the population who are bisexual, lesbian, or gay, broken down to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and regions of England.

They found that in England 18.1% of straight people smoke – 24.2% of gay and lesbian people do, but 25.4% of bisexuals.

In Wales the divide is more marked: 19.5% of heterosexuals, 28.7% of gays, but 32.8% of bi people there.

Scotland’s figures showed 21.1% of straight people smoking, and 26.6% of bisexuals – but 41.6% of lesbians and gay men.

Northern Ireland’s figured are based on the smalled sample size, 539 people, but suggest that 12% of bi people smoke, slightly more lesbians and gay men (13.6% when all LGB respondents are added together), contrasted with 19.9% of heterosexuals.