Here Yet Not Here: The Bi-est LGBT History Month yet… yet…

For eleven years now February has been marked as LGBT History Month in the UK, some years more vigorously than others.  In 2015 to give the month a focus the organisers put on a two-day “national festival of LGBT history” in Manchester, which attracted criticism for lacking any “B” representation.  An existing offer from a local bi project was hastily taken up and we were sure the same mistake wouldn’t happen twice.

This time around the one-city festival exploded into six cities each hosting different events on various weekends of the month, yet somehow there was again just one dash of bisexuality in a much bigger festival – singer Tom Robinson talking about his experiences of being gay (and later realising he was bisexual) in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

However though the official programme of events was lacking in purple, the wider engagement with LGBT History Month was better: independent events in Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield and more were putting the B into LGBT History Month.