BiMediaWatch: April 2016

Bis on TV & in print

Post-nuclear-apocalypse teenish drama The 100 is back for a third season and started with some girl-on-girl raunch.  Even so viewer numbers continued to slide yet it’s been picked up for another season, so I’ll keep watching.

Meanwhile Once Upon A Time returned to Netflix for its fifth season, with an adventure spanning episodes 17 and 18 about Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Mulan (who came out as bisexual back in 2013), and Ruby, more often known as Red Riding Hood.  We get the show’s first same-sex kiss, with someone realising they’re not heterosexual through finding someone unexpected attractive.

Loose Women trampled over bisexuality at the end of February.  The team reckoned that if you found out your husband was bisexual it would be awful, a lie and a betrayal.  There’s an interesting question in there about how we do or do not disclose; with a scary comparison in recent legislative rulings that transgender people who do not disclose their trans history can be prosecuted for “obtaining sex by deception”.

House of Cards returned for a fourth season to Netflix.  Last season’s bisexual plot twist-ette was not repeated, though there was a robust championing of polyamory.

That it came from show villain Frank Underwood may cause some viewers to love the message but dearly wish it was being put across by almost anyone else.

“…He can give you things that I can’t. Look, Claire, we’ve been a great team. But one person—one person cannot give everything to another person. I can’t travel with you. I don’t keep you warm at night. I don’t see you the way he sees you.”

For 24 hours it seemed tabloid scribbler Katie Hopkins might have come out as bisexual.  The Mirror excitedly declared her bisexual after she said she would “swing both ways” given the chance in an interview for the Angela Scanlon’s Close Encounters show on BBC3.

The original giggly declaration did sound rather like flirting with the idea of experimentation rather than a meaningful outing: an “I’d try” rather than “I desire”. A bit of attention garnered, she assured the Metro that she wasn’t.

And while we’re on the newspapers, Ali G star Sacha Baron Cohen got talking about his sexuality.  “I’m 23% gay: Film joker Sacha Baron Cohen makes shock claim” declared the Sun.  Cohen went on to opine that gay and straight were “silly terms” as “there’s a scale” and “sometimes I go to 17 – sometimes I’m 31. Depends on the situation.”  A pretty fine exposition of how human experience varies over time.