BiMediaWatch: Properly BiTV

Our BiMediaWatch column is often wading through television to find the hint of bisexuality and wonder whether the word will actually get used (hello Orange is the New Black). So it was a pleasant change when Mentorn got in touch about making a short for digital TV station BBC Three about bisexuality, which came out this spring.  A programme about bi life!

And thanks to the iPlayer and social media, it’s still out there to watch: four minutes long so nicely bitesized for a social media audience.  Look for Things Not To Say To Someone Who’s Bisexual or find it via the BCN website at

The show presented an assortment of ‘ordinary bi people’ talking about being bi, about working out you’re bisexual, and interacting with the rest of the world as a bi person.  Its format is friendly discussion in pairs, rather than the more sensationalised reports we’ve seen from other quarters over the years, which was a welcome change.

BCN caught up with the producer Lucy Allan, who told us:
“People who are bisexual are in a unique position where they experience discrimination not only from straight people, but also from the gay community.
“We wanted to give them a voice, and make a funny and insightful film about what it’s like being bisexual. Hopefully it will encourage everyone, including the LGBT+ community, to get a little better at “respecting the B”.”

Fab. More of this sort of thing, please Auntie!