BiMediaWatch: October 2016

Autumn Bi Telly

The autumn TV pickings aren’t looking too hot for bi representation – though there’s a new season of The Fall with Gillian Anderson on the Beeb, and Crazy Ex Girlfriend is back for a second run on Netflix.  The first season of CXG gave us the I’m Gettin’ Bi song which had more pink, purple and blue bisexual flags than we’ve ever seen on television before.  Will we see more of Daryl’s bi journey in season two?

Straight now, gay later. Or…

In The Guardian Alexandra Topping got excitable on September 9th about “Elizabeth Gilbert and the rise of later-in-life lesbians”.  Gilbert had posted to her facebook that she had split up with her husband and was now in a relationship with a woman.

In over a thousand words we circle round the word bisexual without ever using it like a desparate game of charades.

Susie Orbach is cited as saying “We are finally beginning to recognise that sexuality is neither a binary nor fixed. That love, attraction, identity, attachment and sexuality are more layered and interesting than they have been allowed to be represented in the public space until now and that as their complexity is opened up to us, the crudity of realising you were always gay or always straight is for many people a nonsense.”

Topping flicks through a list of famous women who have dated both men and women.  And we’re given the exciting news that younger people today, “may increasingly find sexuality labels redundant”… all without ever touching on the label that might cover the vast majority of what we’re on about. Sigh.

Ofcom In Action: Inaction

Broadcasting regulator OFCOM announced at the end of September that they were investigating Christopher Biggins’ biphobic comments on Celebrity Big Brother.  A few weeks later they followed this up by declaring that there was nothing to act on.

His 80’s cliches about bis caused social media rage: OFCOM may be OK with it but the shift in public response may be a positive sign that while biphobia is still ubiquitous, it is getting taken more seriously.