Bi Bookshelf: On Wings of Pity

Book Review: “On Wings Of Pity” by Neil James Hudson.
Published by eXcessica &  available as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play and Kobo.

Suffering from a new disease called “Thirds”, and with his only hope for survival pinned on a succubus called Ellathea, Marec Newmann is unwillingly drawn into a war between two opposing forces. On the one side, the force of good (demons) face off against the angels. Ellathea healed the student Marec when he was sick with meningitis, and so now he needs her help before it’s too late. What the demons and Marec don’t know yet is that the angels are working on a plan for the future of the human race – and neither demons nor Marec appears to have a part in their future vision.

With the opening line (“I met the succubus when I was dying for the first time”), Neil James Hudson immediately caught my attention, and the tone was set for the rest of the story. There are plenty of other examples of clever phrasing throughout the book, which is one of its strengths. There are plenty of things happening throughout the story, it is fast paced, and you won’t get bored reading it. One thing that I should warn about is that there are lots of graphically described sex scenes throughout the story between people of various genders – if that turns you off (pun fully intended!) then this isn’t the book for you. However, if you like reading about sex then you shouldn’t be bothered by these sections at all.

Marec is a strong protagonist and is a well-rounded character although I thought that some of the other characters lacked depth, but this could be down to the reasonably short length of the book (173 pages). This is a fantasy novel although it is set in our world so if fantasy isn’t a genre you normally read then there is nothing to be scared of here.

All in all, I liked this book and would happily read more from the author.