Bi Press Archives

The printed bisexual press is a wonderful thing – it makes things much more tangible and feels more real for a lot of people than the internet does.

When after years you find and reopen your first copy of BCN, or BiFrost, Diva, Gay Times or what have you, the physical object can transform you to who and where you were when you first read it. When you look at a website from twenty years ago though, you’re just reminded how rubbish the internet looked back then. Pixels just aren’t as meaningful or emotive.

Here at BCN we are slowly rebuilding the magazine archives online for people to browse (1). It’s good to also have physical archives though, and so now the People’s History Museum in Manchester holds a set of files of back issues of the magazine stretching back to its black-and-white-newsletter days.

We know other archives would welcome similar collections so if you’ve a great big pile of old bi magazines they can probably be found a good home.

But it’s good to hear news from the USA where their current bi magazine and two that have long since closed down are both now archived for public access too.

Bi Women Quarterly, previously Bi Women, has been publishing since 1983 – putting BCN’s 22 years in the shade! Their archives are now online, sorted by year (2).

A similar newsletter, North Bi North West, published for many years. Its archives are available to view at the Harvard library but don’t yet seem to be online.

That library also now has archives of the San Francisco Bi Monthly newsletter which dates right back to 1976 and ran until 1985.

(2) drs-424386995