BiMediaWatch: You Me Her and Santa Clarita Diet

You Me Her (on Netflix) is a bi poly story spread across ten episodes, and like a lot of Netflix’ shows you can bingewatch the whole lot rather than wait for another episode next week.

Touted as TV’s “first polyromantic comedy” it starts off on a tricky note, with that “bisexuality, lying and cheating” combo we have seen so often. Jack and Emma are a married couple whose sex life has tailed off over time, but when they both end up on dates with the same escort*, Izzy, it livens up the sexual and romantic lives of all three.

It’s handy how all three people involved in that triangle fancy each other – but there are plenty of problems as well. For a start, that Izzy – who feels a little like she’s been set up from the start to be “rescued” from sex work – has a boyfriend who knows nothing about what’s going on and you get the feeling there’ll be a crunch point where she has to choose. To spoiler a little, expect dishonesty, blackmail and lousy communication.

But beyond ticking off the well-worn tropes it’s a well-told story with quite likeable and roundedly human characters experiencing the thrills and terrors of a shift in how their relationship works. You might want to watch with a bingo card of bi representation cliches, or you might just want to rock out the popcorn and enjoy the ride.

Season two is hitting screens in the US as this BCN goes to print, so don’t expect everything to be tied up neatly in episode ten.

Elsewhere among Netflix’s new batch of offerings there’s a fleeting bi moment in zombie show Santa Clarita Diet (starring Drew Barrymore, who’s been out as bi for ages and recently answered the question “which royal would you rather date, Will or Harry” with “Kate”) with the suggestion her neighbour’s a bisexual woman. I wonder if it makes our brains taste different?

* label the character uses.


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