Coming Out on the BBC

BBC3 Series I’m Coming Out looks at bi experience this week with “Owen’s Story”.

The BBC say:

19-year-old Owen has struggled with his sexuality throughout his teens. But now he has moved away from home, he is ready to come out as bisexual to his parents – and he’s going to film it.

For years Owen knew he was into both boys and girls, but when he looked online for help, all he saw was hate and misunderstanding about bisexuals. Owen knows he can’t battle this prejudice unless he is open about his sexuality, and he’s tired of lying. But once he has come out, there is no going back.

This insightful documentary reveals how hard it is to be bisexual Britain in 2017, and how coming out is still a huge hurdle for young people to face.

Catch it on the iPlayer here.


Photo: BBC/Nine Lives Media/George Watson