BiMediaWatch 2017

BBC / Richard Ansett

It’s been 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act and the telly, as well as a plethora of museums and LGBT organisations, has been busy remembering it. As this BCN goes to press BBC Four are about to air Queers, an eight-part series of monologues over the course of a week telling stories of how the 1967 Act and the Wolfenden Report a decade earlier changed lives. From the trailed actors it looks like six men and two women, but you never know: gender might turn out to be more complicated than that.

There’s also a two-parter, Prejudice and Pride: The People’s History Of LGBTQ Britain with Susan Calman and Stephen K Amos, which promises to tell the same story through everyday artefacts like old letters and Ugg boots. We’ll most likely return to both shows next issue!

The teasers for 2018’s Doctor Who have already started with one tabloid headline promising the new Doctor is a bisexual who will in next to no time be caught in a steamy lesbian tryst.

It has been a remarkable year in bis on TV though. In August 2016, Christopher Biggins got kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother for a fistful of offensive comments including some biphobic remarks that had gone unchallenged last time he’d made them on air.

Here are some of our highlights of the twelve months since: do please keep sending in details of bi moments you spot on TV via the website,

Netflix has given us loads of bi-TV to get excited about, as well as the heartbreak of cancelling Sense8.
For a start, Drew Barrymore vehicle Santa Clarita Diet has a dash of bisexuality in its tale of life as a zombie in the California sun. Do bi brains taste different? We’ll have to hope season two reveals all.
Teen drama Degrassi: Next Class raised eyebrows with unchallenged biphobia in 2016 but moved to a more mixed performance – a young woman being comfortable with losing her virginity to a guy who has a boyfriend, but at the same time that plot giving us the familiar character of the Cheating Bisexual.
Virgin went down the same path with Imposters, with a bisexual woman con artist.
And Holby City went down a similar path with a plotline that saw Lofty meet two of his exes on the same hospital ward. It didn’t go well.
You Me Her (Netflix) gave us a bi plotline with only a smidge of cheating though, in “married mixed-sex couple accidentally gain girlfriend”.
Crazy Ex Girlfriend gave us the awesome “Gettin’ Bi” song in its first run. Our proud bisexual Daryl carried on being out, proud and in love with his guy. Writers of other shows, please take note.