Camping & Glamping in the Midlands

Brum Bis are organising a camping trip this summer. We caught up with Mieks from Brum Bi Group to find out more…

So, a new bi event! Excellent!
What’s going on?
BiCamp will be an inclusive camping event open to both beginners and regular campers. It’ll be on Friday 1st June Sun 3rd, not far from Stourbridge in West Midlands, about half an hour’s drive from Birmingham.
We’re hoping that as it’s accessible for those less able it gives people a chance to either camp or glamp in the cabins provided.

How did it come about?
I originally got the idea from the LNBi, the Dutch national network for Bisexuals who have run the event a few times – and ways also inspired by PolyCamp near Toronto in 2016.
We originally pitched the idea to Ageing Better as bisexual people in UK often feel isolated within their LGBT* communities. Their focus is very much on ridding isolation within communities vulnerable to that. We’d like to offer a place for them to feel able to be themselves and meet new people. We wanted to keep it central and close to Birmingham so it’s taking place at Kinver Scout Camp. I went there a lot as a kid and it brings such fond memories of being carefree as a kid. I hope BiCamp will be like that for people.

So how will it compare with the BiCons and BiFests readers may know well?
We’ll be running a wealth of activities, some run by trained staff on site, and others run by volunteers at BiCamp. Activities available will include: Archery, Bat Watch, Climbing and Abseiling, Arts and Crafts, Boardgames, Bushcraft, Stick Whittling, Woodland Walks, Campfire Activities, Storytelling, Yoga, Massage, Wildlife Observation.
Some activities like the physical ones will have a cost which you can pay for on Eventbrite closer to the time and on the day.
We have adopted some ground rules from BiCon’s code of conduct, particularly regarding pronouns and consent but we do want people to be relaxed. Children will also be attending so we do ask people to be mindful of that though we will have a designated party area for campers!
We also want people to be firesafe! We’ll have a organised camp fire each night.

What are the limits on numbers, and how to people book (and by when?)
We do have a cap on attendees at 160 at the moment. People can book through Eventbrite. Those in need of access tickets can apply through eventbrite, fill a few details in on circumstances and then they’ll be issued a ticket discount which will show up a magic hidden ticket reserved only for those in need of a lower bunk in the cabins. They may sell out however as we only have 11 lower bunks left.
Our tickets are priced on a sliding scale based on salary income and those who are benefits recipients are offered a 50% discount (£35 for three days). That said, we do rely on ticket sales to cover the venue costs so if those who can pay more we would be so very grateful, and big thanks to the Kickstarter pledges who secured us the deposit to make it all happen.

Fabulous – good luck (especially with the weather!)