Out of Timeline

Steve’s experiences with a museum in Liverpool this LGBT History Month (see elsewhere this issue) are all too common a refrain.

Take the fancy 2011 NHS LGBT history timeline, which in the space of twenty display panels of a half-dozen or so LGBT historic dates apiece, only mentioned bisexuals twice – each time in the phrase “gay and bisexual” and about sexually transmitted diseases. Talk about challenging the stereotypes.

Or the University and College Union’s LGBT timeline, given away at a host of Prides and similar events and aimed at display in teaching environments, which highlights many gay, lesbian and trans firsts…

There have been a few exceptions – the People’s History Museum timeline last year for example had a plethora of bi dates. But the timelines that include us seem largely to be the ones we make ourselves.

So the timeline from BCN last year is now on our website to download and print off as a resource. It’s on www.bicommunitynews.co.uk/resources