Bi Bookshelf: Minority Monsters

Minority Monsters by Tab Kimpton. £10 from

“They didn’t know they existed, until they found themselves.”
Are you mystified by the plethora of labels people use for their gender or sexuality these days? Join Fred Aura the Explorer as he heads out on a hike across Alphabet Soup Land to find out what all the LGBTTQQIAPs are about.
Some readers will already be familiar with characters from Tab’s cartooning like Sir Fabulous The Bisexual Unicorn.
From asexual succubi to submissive yetis, here with gorgeous and colourful illustration we meet each we learn a bit about the truth and lies commonly associated with each – traditional mythbusting that along the way might teach the uninitiated what the myths and resulting challenges might be.
Meeting one monstrous representation of an identity after another doesn’t make for much of a plot, but that’s not really the point. Treat it more as a coffee-table book of queer fun and an antidote to all the comics with fleeting queer representation that gets edited out for film.