Story of Wonder Woman now streaming


Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, the film of how Wonder Woman came to be made, is now streaming on pay-per-view on YouTube.

It’s a fine drama – William Marston was a Harvard psychologist and inventor who helped invent the lie detector and who created superhero comic character Wonder Woman in 1941. But the “Wonder Women” of the title are his wife Elizabeth Marston and their girlfriend Olive Byrne.

Alert readers will have realised from that sentence that it’s a film with both bi and poly content, as such reminiscent of the film Kinsey (2004) and how it told the story of Alfred Kinsey and the controversies prompted by his reports into human sexuality in the 1950s.

Wonder Woman comics attracted criticism for depictions of love between women and for recurring themes of people being tied up and other things deemed suggestive of what we would now call consenting BDSM play. Naturally this drew attention from the censors – and the censorship minded.

As with Kinsey, the story of William, Olive and Elizabeth reflects a time where there was greater legal prejudice and discrimination – but the personal story and experiences of love, loss and having to choose between your heart and the barbs of intolerant people around you echoes well nearly a century on.

Trailer and view link here.