BiCon wobbles and recovers

Salford BiCon (2-5 August this summer) hit problems in March when ticket prices were announced – but bookings were still not open.

The initial announcement was that while bookings were to open soon, residential bookings would close just two months later. This caused some people concern as if you only had one pay-day in the booking window then a broken washing machine or urgent debt to repay could scupper your BiCon-going plans. For people who rely on BiCon teams taking their money in installments this was also looking like a non-starter.

The team who volunteered at BiCon 2016’s decision making plenary were clearly struggling. It had seen some resignations, which from observation of past BiCon teams is normal – life brings unexpected changes and for all you thought you had time to spare at a plenary two years ago, you may no longer.
Ultimately with team leader Katie stepping aside a week after the price and booking window announcement BiCon 2018 found itself on the verge of not happening.

BiCon Continuity stepped up and circulated appeals for people to take on some of the key roles such as venue liaison, and new volunteers for key roles were found – Rowan, who has run various BiCons before, as the new team leader.

Bookings opened on April 16th with prices on a sliding scale as usual, from a £12 day-pass for those on unemployment benefits alone to £230 for residential weekend tickets for people in higher income brackets.

For newer readers – BiCon is a long-weekend educational and social gathering for bi people, their friends, partners, and others with a supportive interest in bisexuality. There are assorted discussion sessions, speakers and activities by day, and evening entertainments. It has been running since 1984 making it one of the oldest regular LGBT events in the UK – for more info, see