Big Bi Fun Day: And Out

Part of our #BiVolunteering series.

The Big Bi Fun Day is looking for someone to take over running the event as Hannah has announced that she is stepping down.

This could be done by yourself or as part of a team and it;s a really fun and worthwhile role.

To find out more or put your name forward please visit the website or email

Another Fun Day

Those who have been following the Big Bi Fun Day over the years can probably recite the opening lines of the event write up off by heart now.

  • It was a lovely afternoon. Check.
  • There was a nice mix of regulars and first timers. Check.
  • People did the usual activities such as craft, draw, play board games, and catch up with friends. Check.
  • And the kids had a lot of fun running around. Check!

Whilst the sunshine did a good impression of that friend you dragged to a party who didn’t really want to be there, it held up until the last minute of the event before promptly peeing it down at 5pm. So those who hung around went to a restaurant instead of the usual second picnic in Victoria Park.

Thanks to everyone’s kind donations, we once again have enough in the bank to pay for next year’s Big Bi Fun Day in advance. Which is awesome.

And thanks to generous donations to the Travel Fund, people who would otherwise not be there were able to come along. Which is even more awesome.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended and made the afternoon so special. I know you travelled from all over the UK to be there. Thank you also for your donations and for the help you’ve given throughout the year to promote the event.

If you have any feedback, good or bad, about the day then please send it to I would love to hear from you.

Otherwise I look forward to seeing you again next May!