The 20th Bi Visibility Day is here!

It’s the 20th annual Bi Visibility Day this Sunday, September 23rd.

The date highlights bisexuality and the challenges posed by biphobia and bisexual erasure, as well as celebrating the work of a growing number of local, national and international organisations around the world which champion bisexual visibility and equality.

Last year there were around 130 events marking the date, from exhibitions, talks and film screenings to picnics and socials in bi-friendly bars. A host of public buildings around the world flew the pink, purple and blue bisexual flag. So far this year that tally has already hit 160.

Jen Yockney MBE, who has run the international listings site for nearly two decades, commented, “We usually get some ‘late arriving’ listings to add that we didn’t get to hear about in advance so that 160 will most likely rise further.”

In the UK there are events in the big cities like Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Birmingham and London, and in smaller towns like Worthing or Bolton.  (Listings below)

Jen adds: “I’ve been organising events marking Bi Visibility Day since 1999 and the transformation in that time is huge. We are more talked about and more heard as bi people than ever before; yet also the challenges and particular needs of bisexuals have been thrown into sharper relief over that time.

“Back then, bi was often seen as a kind of ‘gay lite’ with bis experiencing less impact from social homophobia, but research increasingly shows bi people have greater mental and physical health challenges than gay or straight people. We’re more likely to experience domestic violence from our partners, too. And just as there’s a ‘pay gap’ between men and women, bi people on average earn less than their gay and straight friends.

“So, far from the ‘best of both worlds’ cliche, the challenge of either persistently reasserting your bisexuality or having part of your life erased proves wearing for many bi people. Where lesbians and gay men have one closet to escape, many bi people find that leaving the one closet leads to being put in another.

“Greater bisexual visibility is the best solution to that problem, helping more bis find a space where they are neither in the ‘straight closet’ nor the gay one.”


Events this weekend:

September 21

  • Leeds. Leeds Bi Group present: Bi Talk in conjunction with Leeds City Council’s LGBT+ Community Hub, Touchstone and Pinsent Masons. 18:00-21:00, Pinsent Masons, 1 Park Row. Details here.

September 22

  • Birmingham. Brum Bi Group Pub Crawl. Encouraged to bring your flags, silly headgear, glowsticks and whatever else will make the group as visible as possible. 19:30, The Dragon Inn, Hurst Street.Facebook event here.
  • Leeds. Raising of the bisexual flag over Leeds Beckett University.
  • Leeds. Bi Visibility running with Leeds Front runners. 09:00-10:30 at Roundhays Park. Meet Lakeside Cafe, look for the bi flag. Facebook event here.
  • Manchester. BiPhoria hosts #StillBisexual video-making.12:30-14:00, LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street. Info here.
  • Manchester. Bi boardgaming.  14:00-16:00, LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street. Info here.
  • Stirling. BiTastic! 10:00-17:00, Forth Valley College, Drip Road. More here.

September 23

  • Birmingham. Brum Bi Group Coffee Meet. 12:00, Damascena, Temple Row. Depending on the weather they’ll take their food & drinks outside to Pigeon Park (Birmingham Cathedral).Facebook announcement here.
  • Bolton. Bis at Bolton Pride (street stall). Facebook event here.
  • Bristol. Bisexual Bike Ride 2018. Grab your bikes, invite your friends and join for a friendly, slow Bi Visibility bike ride. 15:30-17:00, meet by the bandstand in Castle Park. Facebook event here.
  • Glasgow. Screening of Call Me By Your Name. To mark Bi Visibility Day, there will be a panel discussion after the film on Bisexuality in the Media. 13:30, Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street. Buy your ticket(s)!
  • Liverpool. Edge Hill University main building will be illuminated in pink, purple and blue.
  • London. 11:00 Bi Visibility Day Picnic, Green Park. Look for bi flags, bunting, umbrellas. Meetup event page.
  • London. CaBiRet bi performance night. Details here.
  • Manchester. University flies the bi flag and has computer screen display messages about Bi Visibility Day. Bi Vis Quiz – details to be confirmed.
  • Oxford.  Town hall will fly the bi flag again to mark the date.
  • Salford. Speaker from BiPhoria at University House, 11:00-12:00.
  • Salford. Bi Picnic outside University House 12:00 – 15:00, bring your own food / drink to share.
  • Salford. Celebrating Bi Artists. Art and craft session, Derwent Room, University House, University House. 15:00-16:00.
  • Southampton. Bi Visibility Day At The London! 15:00-18:00, London Hotel, Terminus Terrace. Facebook info here.
  • Stockport. Town Hall will be lit up in pink, purple and blue.
  • Stoke-on-Trent. Bi Social Meetup. 11:00 at Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. Facebook event here.