#BiVolunteering: BCN

Mostly the ones that catch your eye are the local groups or the BiFest and BiCon shaped events but BCN is one of those volunteer projects too.

The obvious starting point is writing – but there’s also spreading awareness of bi press: got a leaflet rack or an LGBT stall coming up at an event? Get in touch and we can send you a bundle of leaflets. Little snippets for things like BiMediaWatch are fab too.

But coming back to content, Bi Community News welcomes unsolicited writing, photographs and illustrations – whether a one-off or as a series piece.

You don’t have to be a brilliant and accomplished writer: we can help with things like knocking something into shape, or tidying up your grammar and spelling.

We also love cartoons. Fancy an outlet for your bi illustrations? It’s right here. But remember we are interested in work by or about bisexuality and / or bisexuals – because since 1995 that’s what has made BCN different from the rest of the queer press and the lack of representation of bi life in the likes of Diva and Gay Times was a key factor in BCN coming into existence.

We welcome articles and press release items: this includes news, comment, film, book and theatre reviews, fiction, real-life stories and interviews, and reports on and about the bi community or bi individuals. Clippings, soundbites from radio, podcasts and TV and other quotes also very welcome.
For longer pieces (1800+ words) please do consider getting in touch with us beforehand. Finally, please note that we don’t print poetry.

Find out more at www.bicommunitynews.co.uk/submit