#BiVolunteering: Making History

Wanna get researchy? The @bisexualhistory twitter account attempts to tweet a little bit of bi history every day of the year.

As well as reminding people about the long history of bisexuality and bi activism, it’s an easy way for twitterers to remind their followers they are bisexual. “Honestly I’m not going on and on about being bi, I just thought I’d retweet about that popstar’s birthday cos I really like her work”.

The problem with history though is that it grows daily. If something happens that should go in the timeline then you can drop it into the history box at history@bimedia.org or use the online form for submitting @bisexualhistory calendar dates.

It’s also a way to have a bit of a geeky hands-on workshop for your local bi group – pull out a bunch of laptops or iPads, take a look at what’s already on twitter.com/bisexualhistory and start searching for other bi dates. There’s a lot on the timeline about the UK bi scene and law reforms like same-sex marriage around the world, but very little about thiings like sport for instance.