And Sally Makes Three

This autumn’s third bi show is about to hit the airwaves. We’ve been waiting so long for even one.

Sky Atlantic’s Sally4Ever arrives on October 25th. While The Bisexual pitches for drama and The Bi Life for the bi dating spot this is a more straight(ahem)forward comedy, spread across seven weekly episodes from here to the start of December.

Sally is in a long-term monogamous relationship with David but his proposal of marriage puts her head in a spin and (spoilers!) by episode two she’s taken up with someone called Emma. We’re guessing that’s going to be a maybe on the proposal then. And perhaps just a hint of the well-worn cliche that when two women are seeing each other they move in together on the second date.

Just like Channel 4’s The Bisexual there’s a whole writer-director-star thing going on here, in this case with Julia Davis.

Thursday night it is… ready yourselves for a silly sex comedy and try not to take the bi cliche too seriously!

Here’s the youtube trailer: