Nail-Biting End To Bi Senate Race

Kyrsten Sinema’s bid to become the first openly bisexual member of the USA’s Senate is still up in the air – more than a day after polls closed.

The US ‘midterm’ elections saw the Democrats gain nearly 40 seats in the House to take control from the Republicans, but the Republicans make gains that have strengthened their narrow hold on power in the Senate.

However Arizona is still yet to declare a result. After the first day’s count the Republican candidate led 49.4% to 48.4%, but with hundreds of thousands more votes to be counted – which may be from more Democrat-leaning parts of the state – it could all still change. And tonight with more of the vote examined the lead has flipped with the latest figures giving Kyrsten 914,243 votes to Martha McSally’s 912,137.  Barely 2,000 votes in it out of two million.

More than 42,000 votes have been cast for the Green Party candidate, who withdrew her nomination shortly before the election – but after the ballot papers had already been printed.

While McSally was in the lead, but by a diminishing margin as more ballots were examined, the Republicans began legal proceedings to try and prevent a full election count and have the election declared on the basis of a partial count.


Elsewhere Nebraska saw its first openly bisexual senator at state level – congratulations to Megan Hunt on her result there. Among her past work she has served on the boards of Friends of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, and Friends of the Nebraska AIDS Project.


In California, Katie Hill was elected to the US House of Representatives, an out-bi woman gaining a seat from the Republicans as a Democrat candidate.  In another close result, she won her seat with 83,662 votes to her rival’s 79,545.