Time for a makeover?

I’m not sure where it has come from, but this year I noticed that some people online seem to be slyly rebranding our 23/9 bisexual date as Bi Visibility Day.

“International Celebrate Bisexuality Day” is a hell of a mouthful as a name, and a little nebulous as a concept: what do you do for International Celebrate Bisexuality Day? Are you being celebratory enough? International enough?

Whereas Bi Visibility Day, you could sensibly mark with a bi resources stall in a bar or student union foyer, with flyering local gay or straight venues, with a balloon launch outside your town hall, or whatever.  It also suggests that you are more welcome to help even if you aren’t bisexual yourself.

We’ve had ten years of 23/9 being ICBD – a name so unwieldy I don’t want to type it out in full twice.  I love the subtle shift in the name, and I think ten years on is a great time to start using a new name for the date that can inspire new forms of visibility activism.