Newsbites October 2018

New Group
It’s a long while since we had a bi group in Essex. Bi Coffee Colchester will meet on the third Sunday of the month at The Playhouse pub, St John’s St, Colchester at 3 p.m.
The first meet is on Sunday 21st October.

Feeling bad bi 14
A new report from the Children’s Society attracted headlines for finding that one in five 14 year old girls in the UK say they have self-harmed. The overall figures were of 22% for girls and 9% for boys.
However dig just a tiny bit deeper into The Good Childhood Report 2018 and the same document also notes 46% of young people who are bisexual or gay have self-harmed – nearly one in two.
Bis outnumbered lesbians and gays by more than five to one in the survey – but more than twice as many young people said they weren’t attracted whether to girls or boys.
But bisexual teens came out as the sexuality group with the lowest subjective sense of well-being:
Attraction(s) % of sample Average score
Neither 12% 8.21
Opposite 83% 7.53
Same under 1% 5.45
Both 5% 5.42

Bis in the Expo
Bolton Museum will be hosting a Bi inclusive LGBT Exhibition 14th March-26th May 2019 with lots of fun events and theatre during the exhibition. If you are interested in more information please get in touch with

Elected Bi November?
America might just be on course to elect its first out-bi candidate to the Senate, as the Democrats selected Kyrsten Sinema as their nominee in Arizona.
We’re always up late on election night at BCN Towers and will be watching Arizona with extra interest this time around.

Giving Kids A Say
The government have signalled a change in Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) to give young people a say in whether they receive sex eduation in school. Until now this has been a matter for the school (in how good or bad the provision is) and the parents (who are allowed to deny their children access to sex education in school up to the age of 18).
In July the minister announced a shift in policy such that from around the age of 15 children will be able to overrule their parental opt-out. In a written statement to the House of Commons the Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds MP said,
“(We) propose to give parents the right to request their child be withdrawn from sex education delivered as part of RSE. The draft guidance sets out that unless there are exceptional circumstances, the parents’ request should be granted until three terms before the pupil turns 16.
“At that point, if the child wishes to have sex education, the headteacher should ensure they receive it in one of those terms. This preserves the parental right in most cases, but also balances it with the child’s right to opt in to sex education when they are competent to do so.”