Lords backs RSE reforms

The House of Lords today debated and passed reforms to the teaching of sex education in schools in England.

Children will get basic information about relationships and consent regardless of gender or sexuality from age 11 (not from age 5 as reported in some places). Younger children will learn about online safety, menstruation and other such age-suitable basics.

Slightly peculiar rules will mean that some pupils aged 14-16 may receive different education according to which month of the year they were born – with summer babies being excluded from lessons due to the slight age gap.

Autumn Term

The reforms move it to being Relationship & Sex Education, and they are due to come into effect on 1st September 2020.

The breadth of support across parties can been seen in how similar changes have been brought forward in Wales by the Labour/Lib Dem coalition and in Scotland by the SNP government at Holyrood.