Camping it up again

BiCamp’s back for 2019 – and the ticket prices have been published, though tickets aren’t yet on sale they will be around the time this BCN hits doormats, February 4th.

BiCamp is in the midlands and will run from Thurs 31st May – Sun 3rd June 2019. The organisers note: “Our focus this year is inclusion, so we have added People of Colour to the low income tier and will be adding a Bis of Colour session to BiCamp’s itinerary.”

There will be a BiBus going from Birmingham New St Station and dropping people off at the camp. Bus tickets are £15 return.

The price list:
Entire Weekend –

Low Income / Benefits / POC £65
15k-18k £85
£18k+ £130

Fri-Sunday – Low Income / Benefits / POC £45
15k-18k £55
18K+ £75

One Night (Thurs-Fri, Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun)
Low Income / Benefits / POC £20,
15K+ £35

Children free, donations gratefully received. Access Applications opened on Monday 14th January; ticket sales will open Monday 4th February 7pm.  See