Blind Date’s Awkward Ending

TV show Blind Date featured its first bi “picker” and panel of bi dates yesterday.

We had best say that this story will be spoilery – so look away now if you don’t want to know yet which of the three promising prospects was chosen.

Still with us?  Grand.  The show – once an ITV prime time highlight starring Cilla Black but now on Channel 5 – involves a ‘picker’ selecting from three potential dates hidden behind a curtain, using only the power of “do I like their voice” and “how well do they read their carefully rehearsed answers to my carefully rehearsed questions?” to decide who to be matched with.

Once one lucky datee has been picked, the curtain rolls back, our picker meets the two people they turned down and the one they are to be sent off on a date with in a carefully chosen location that promises fun, romance, and a camera crew following your every move.

A couple of weeks later, the couple return to the show to reveal how things went and each reveals whether they will go on a second date, become friends, or never meet again. Hopefully they both have the same option in mind: not necessarily though.

Bi Date

For the first time, the bi panel had a picker and three pickees, and the outcome was two guys being sent away to get romantic.

Unfortunately, the chosen romantic break was to Saint Lucia.

It’s not a great place for two guys. The UK government website’s travel guidance about it says:

Local attitudes towards the LGBT community are mostly conservative throughout the Caribbean.

Public displays of affection (such as hand-holding or kissing) between opposite or same-sex couples are uncommon.

Certain homosexual acts are illegal. LGBT travellers should be mindful of local attitudes and be aware that public displays of affection may attract unwanted and negative attention.

With a lineup of two women and one man maybe the show producers thought the odds were in favour of a mixed-gender couple break being what was called for. But it does all look rather awkward. At the least you’ll hope the producers of the show will learn a lesson for next time…