Number crunching: BiCon’s money

Where did all the money go – and come from – at Salford BiCon last summer? Here is the BiCon 2018 Accounts Summary.

Income Outgoings
Category & Total amount

Funds from BiCon Continuity £15,000.00
Registrations £28,763.00
Stalls and Ads £250.00




Total £44,264.12

Category & Total amount

Repaid to BiCon Continuity £15,000.00
Paypal fees £588.47
Site visits / team meetings £87.30
Flyer printing and posting £73.61
Mobility scooters + access £349.08
Stationery and phone £232.57
Transport and delivery £141.50
Creche £1,110.00
Insurance £125.00
Volunteer refreshments £8.00
Décor £113.27
Session supplies + flipcharts £79.29
Handbook, badges + pack £335.43
Venue rooms and staffing £5,245.80
PA and Equipment £360.00
Donations £251.12
Accommodation £19,699.20

Total £43,548.52

Surplus passed to BiCon Continuity £715.60
Notes from the BiCon team:

Access fund grants are included in registration figures
Registration income includes all kinds of registrations.
Actual registration income = Registrations – Paypal fees £28,174.53
Team members registration fees were refunded
There was an additional bill for accommodation for £1728 and a lost key bill for £114. These bills were written off in response to our complaints about accommodation