A New BiCon?

A new thing bobbed into my twitter timeline. @sfBiCon it was called. Oh my, I thought, a cross between BiCon and a scifi convention – this could be so relevant to my interests as to be worrying.

After all, one of the refrains I’ve heard from many a BiCon attende is why can’t it be BiCon every day or at least sooner than next year. And with more than one BiCon they could have different focuses maybe…

But no, the SF was for San Francisco, not sci-fi – and with that city’s reputation it is astonishingly the first bi conference in SF in some thirty years. With so few big bi events around the world I felt I had to find out more. I tracked down organisers Marisa and Bex for a quick Q&A…

First up congratulations and thanks for making this event happen. There aren’t enough bi events, let alone on the ambitious scale you are working towards. In the USA I can only think of Because as a current event at this scale I think?
Yes, it seems like BECAUSE is the only other such bi+ event in the US currently. We’ve reached out to them, too.

But a new bi event! Let’s start with the basics of who, what, when, where… and who’re the team?
It’s on 12 October 2019 from 10-5 at the LGBT+ Center in the Castro, San Francisco, and anyone on the bi+ spectrum, LGBTQIA, queer and straight allies all invited. Organizers are Bex, Martin, Shaun and Marisa (Bay Area bi+ activists).

Where did the inspiration come from?
Inspiration came from realizing that this kind of event is overdue for the bi+ community. We got tired of noticing the lack of services and acknowledgement and could no longer leave it unaddressed.

I’m guessing you approached the UK BiCon for ideas, and perhaps you needed permission for use of the BiCon® name?
We have been in communication with BiCon UK and value their knowledge about bi+ conferences. While we are a completely separate group, we have adapted their Code of Conduct with permission and feel this will provide some consistency in what is expected behavior at bi+ events in general.

What can people expect from the day – I know the programme might be a little hazy just yet – but e.g. workshops, keynote speakers, crafting, dancing into the small hours…
We’re not ready to announce our keynote or speakers yet but the speaker submissions are impressive, you can expect workshops, keynote speaker, lightning talks, a panel and dancing at our after party gathering.

There’s a term I didn’t recognise on the website. What does NOTAFLOF mean?
No one turned away for lack of funds – we want to ensure that the ticket price does not deter people who would otherwise want to attend.

What could you use help with – be it workshop volunteering, people in the US to distribute flyers, or what have you?
We need volunteers to help get sponsor. Whether you have a connection with a queer agency, or your employer can donate to an underserved group, willingness to approach LGBTQ organizations and express the importance of SF BiCon to promote visibility. And yes, passing out flyers and posting them at queer venues.

So, if people want to attend, what do they do? Can they just rock up on the day or do they need to book by a deadline?
Tickets will be on sale around the end of April via our website.

Just about the time this BCN hits doormats! And for those of us who wouldn’t be able to make it are there ways they can give support?
If you can’t make it, you can still support SF BiCon by joining our FB page, mentioning us on Twitter and sharing the information with your queer community.
Check out www.sfbicon.com for more info.