The Bi Agenda: 1-7 July 2019

Welcome to our weekly what’s on roundup of Bi Britain. It’s the start of the month and there’s lots going on!

Tuesday is very busy! Manchester’s bi talky space meeting BiPhoria, at the LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, from 730pm. More about BiPhoria here.

Also that night Leeds bi group meet for a beer and a natter from 7.30pm at Wharf Chambers. Look for the purple unicorn.

Elsewhere Bristol bis meet from 6pm at the Watershed, Canons Road; look for the purple teapot to find the group. 

Then on Wednesday it’s the turn of Edinburgh bis with their meetup 7pm-9pm at the LGBT Centre at 9 Howe Street.

Thursday sees the Cardiff bi talky space meetup from 6.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 43 Charles Street, organised by BiWales.

That night in London there is a meetup of the BiSpace group for bi+ people working in the Civil Service; it’s a staff-only kind of a do but there are details here.

Saturday sees Prides in London, Abergavenny and Tameside.  Note that to march at London you need a wristband, of which there are a very limited supply – if you haven’t already got one via a group that are marching you probably can’t take part in that side of things.

The wristband limitation is a frustrating trend at the bigger prides like London, Manchester and Birmingham where they struggle with the sheer scale of the event now. The rest of the city’s population want to use those roads too so they are only blocked off for a certain amount of time, which in turn means the parades can only safely contain so many people.  Victims of our own success!

Sunday there’s UK Black Pride in London. Bis of Colour will be along with a table full of goodies, including the new edition of the Bis of Colour research report.


Never been to a bi group before?

  • For the coffee & pub type meetups – like in Nottingham or Brighton – try Hannah’s guide here.
  • Gaming meetups like those in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham are good for gamers and making casual acquaintance friends, but serious bi talk is tricky while you work out which move your character should make next.
  • For the talky space meetups – like Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh, in community centre spaces – there’s Jen’s guide here.

Here are our UK & Ireland listings of local bi groups and regular meetups.

Know of a bi meet we’re missing? Drop us a line!