Gay Star goes supernova

LGBT news website GayStarNews has announced its closure today.

In a frank front page editorial the team behind the site explained the problem they faced: declining advertising revenue in a UK economy that is being hammered by fears over Brexit.

Further they highlight organisations that “rainbow wash” their brand image around the time of New York or London pride but don’t engage with the LGBT communities outside of those token moments in the calendar.

While GSN ruffled a few bi feathers with articles about how there was no such thing as a bi scene or community (ahem!) it was nonetheless the most bi positive news website for the wider LGBT scene we have seen so far – helped along somewhat by the step change in bi visibility in the past five years or so. As so much media reporting these days is one media outlet quoting another this in turn helped with the momentum of reducing bi invisibility and bi erasure.

Everything comes to an end. We had been fairly sure GSN would outlive us though: so long, old friend.