Stonewall Empowers Bis

LGBT campaigns group Stonewall have launched a “Bi Empowerment Programme”, with the first training weekend coming up at the start of August.

They say it will “empower attendees to celebrate what it means to them to be bi and build a collective sense of solidarity.”

The day-long training session aims to help attendees:

  • Celebrate their own and each other’s bi identities.
  • Develop a sense of validity as a bi person.
  • Explore their own journey as a bi person and the shared experiences they have with other bi people.
  • Understand what solidarity within bi communities can look like and why it’s important.
  • Develop strategies for practicing positive self-care and understand how self-care should be a radical act.
  • Create an active and supportive network of other bi people.

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The first Empowerment day is on Friday 2nd August 2019, and will be in London.