BiMediaWatch: The Last 100

TV show The 100 is to have just one more season, the show’s production team have announced via twitter.

The programme airs on E4 in the UK but is produced by the CW network.  As every summer there are a rash of announcements being made about which TV programmes in the US are being renewed, dropped, or given one last roll of the dice in a late-night slot that is unlikely to save them.

The 100’s producers tweeted:

Bi fans warmed to Clarke Griffin, who is a central character across the existing six seasons and the still-in-production final seventh season, and whose bisexuality was confirmed as canon back in 2015.

The show is from the CW network, which has over recent months drawn several other bi-representation faves to a close including Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Degrassi Next Class and Jane The Virgin.  Whatever shall we do with all the extra time on our hands?