Fortunate Bisexuals

Unfortunate Bisexual flyers

This year’s BiCon attendees got treated to a preview of one of this Edinburgh fringe season’s bi attractions: The Unfortunate Bisexual, Rachel Wheeley & Cerys Bradley’s standup show about getting bi and helping others to get it too.

Each explores in their own way the question of how do you know you are bisexual in a world that wants to tell you that you aren’t, and how do you explain being bisexual to people who don’t get it?

Rachel takes us through explaining it through personal story, beginning with pointing out that whoever is in the audience is very welcome – “I’ve nothing against straight people, I pretended to be one for years”.

We touch on biphobia in the gay community and how we should bi the census in 2021 the way it wound up recording Jedi as the fifth biggest religion in the country last time around. We could make headlines as the most bisexual nation on the planet, who in person are all just too Britishly reserved to mention it.

Cerys takes over for the other approach: bisexuality in maths.  Because we all know about the “50/50” question, but how much better would it be if you went everywhere with a chalkboard and gave people some properly educational answers to how bisexuality – and indeed the other options – work. Great fun, though perhaps a slightly taller stand for the graph paper would have helped people toward the back of the room see their way to the punchline faster.

To wrap it all up in one messy sentence: we all know that there’s nothing binary about bisexuality but bi does kinda mean two in The Unfortunate Bisexual – a two-hander that warmly unpicks the art and then the science of getting bi in a world that doesn’t. Five outta five, would watch again.

Normally as a matter of respecting confidential spaces we don’t report on individual bits of BiCon in this level of detail – we got permission from Cerys and Rachel to write the show up and are not mentioning anyone else in the room.