US Bi Governor attacked for honesty

We all know the miserable cliche of bisexuals being untrustworthy. They’re bound to cheat on you, they lie about their orientation, they’re gay really (men) or straight really and just doing something to titillate their boyfriend (women). So here’s a story that flips that narrative on its head.

In the USA Kate Brown is Democrat party Governor of Oregon, and was the first openly bisexual Governor in the country. Local Republican party boss Bill Currier has started a recall petition to unseat Kate.

Now we’ve seen these used in the UK recently a couple of times – the case of the Labour MP who was convicted of perverting the course of justice over a speeding ticket, and the case of the Conservative MP who was convicted of providing false or misleading information for allowance claims. So what has Kate done?

She isn’t delivering Republican party policies. Or as the recall petition puts it – she is delivering policies for “special interests and politically-motivated agendas”. You’ve got to admire the cheek of that last bit on such a recall petition, tabled by a local opposition party organiser.

Brown’s defence is that she won the election on the Democrat ticket and is delivering the policies and programme she was elected on. You’d imagine it would be a pretty solid defence line – indeed, the whole basis of party politics, party voting or constitutional democracy.

She told the Huffington Post, “Not only have I had one election in the last three years, I’ve had two. And I won both of them handily. So what part of the will of the voters are they ignoring?”

A similar move is underway against the only out-gay Governor in the USA. Clearly it’s a total coincidence that it’s those two being picked out.

The timing of the two recall petitions would make for a midwinter ballot were they to be successful, which is believed to reduce turnout among Democrat-leaning voters.  The Oregon one needs to garner 280,050 signatures in the space of three months to force a reballot.