London Maps Its Bi Scene

Bi organisations in and around London are being invited to a strategic roundtable and networking event for London Bi+ Groups.

Consortium’s London Engagement Project say: “We invite our Bi+ Members & friends in Greater London to a special strategic roundtable event and mapping exercise.

“Help us map Bi+ services, identify and address gaps and challenges in provision, and scope opportunities for action.

The meeting will be held Saturday, September 21 from 2pm to 4pm in SE1.

Justin Jones (GMFA/HERO) and Martin Karadzhov(Consortium) will introduce the London LGBT+ mapping tool and share some insights of bisexual data gathered in the mapping process so far.

“We invite you to contribute to the LGBT+ London mapping exercise, share your expertise and help strengthen London’s diverse bisexual, pansexual and other non-monosexual communities.”

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