BiMediaWatch: Lucifer – Luck of the Devil

In the last few weeks we’ve seen Lucifer return to our screens, this time courtesy of Netflix. Be warned: this article contains spoilers!

For those of you who haven’t followed the drama of this previously cancelled series, here’s a recap. Series one to three were brought to us by Amazon Prime but in May 2018 they dropped the show, leaving us dangling after the cliff-hanger of our devilish protagonist revealing his true face to his main love interest. But after overwhelming support from the show’s “Lucifans” Netflix picked up the show and now, a year later, season four is with us.

Among the series’ main characters from the Amazon era are two proud and obvious bisexuals: Lucifer himself and his employee, friend, lover, kink partner and demon-who-followed-him-from-Hell, Mazikeen or Maze. Both of these strong characters are open on numerous occasions in the first three series about their orientation, showing that the gender of their partner doesn’t make much difference to them. The question of whether this would continue to be expressed openly with a new production network may have worried some, but Netflix hasn’t let us down. Not only does Maze start openly dating people of different genders in the new series, but the cast is joined by a third bisexual character, Eve (of “Adam and…”).

Now, the devil on my shoulder (who unfortunately isn’t quite as cute as the show’s Lucifer) has started to whisper about whether this is just another series playing on negative stereotypes of bisexuals being evil, greedy, untrustworthy and hypersexual. Lucifer is literally the fallen angel; banished from Heaven and King of Hell. Maze is a demon and one of Hells torturers. Eve isn’t exactly sweet and innocent either. The three of them each have a high sex drive, kinks, orgies and a deliciously memorable pair of ass-less trousers!

But it’s not just sex: season four delves deeper into their personalities, as all three spend time and energy considering their “humanity” and growing as people, so the whole thing reads to me as both sex- and bi- positive, rather than sleazy.



BCN issue 155 coverThis originally appeared in

Bi Community News issue 155

Published July/August 2019.