Newsbites February 2019

Lancaster is go!

BiCon 2019 tickets have gone on sale. The annual bi convention comes to Lancaster for the first time this summer, on the weekend of 1 – 4 August.
A change to the pricing structure sees prices – which are on a sliding scale according to income – relate to ‘disposable income’ rather than gross income, a change reflecting different cost of living situations of people according to where they live, or whether they live alone.
Weekend passes including accommodation start from £140 and run up to £240, with a higher band for people whose attendance is sponsored or paid for by an employer. Passes without accommodation start at £40 and run up to £90. So far day or part-weekend passes are not on sale. See

Outside Help Sought
Bisexual MP Daniel Kawczynski has sought help from overseas to ensure the UK leaves the European Union as soon as possible.
The MP for Shrewsbury posted on twitter:
“Any attempts by Remainer MPs to delay or obstruct #Brexit must be opposed. Today I have formally asked Polish Government to veto any motions by EU to allow extension of Article 50. We are leaving 11pm on March 29th as promised @StandUp4Brexit“
Already the government has started talking about how once Brexit has happened employment protections given to workers by European institutions can start to be rolled back.
It is just fifteen years since employers lost the right to summarily dismiss workers on the grounds of being bisexual or gay.
Other twitterers quickly asked Kawczynski about whether as a Brexiteer he could see the irony in appealing to an EU member state to intervene in UK domestic affairs in this way.

Bi Fun Back On
Annual family-friendly bi afternoon Big Bi Fun Day has been saved.
The event which has run in Leicester each Spring for many years now was looking set to come to an end, as the current organiser had stepped aside and several months had passed without anyone new coming forward to take the role on.
However with new organising volunteer Steve it will return on its usual mid-May Saturday – this year Saturday 11th May, and as before will be at the Friends Meeting House, 16 Queens Road, Leicester LE2 1WP.
The format will remain as before – a sociable picnic in a secluded garden, weather permitting, and a few indoor rooms to retreat to should rain stop play.
It runs all afternoon, normally between around 12 and 5pm – watch this space for more news.

History Month
This year’s LGBT History Month events are up on the national website and include a “Bi Q&A” lecture in York, a lecture on the history of bi grassroots organising in Stockport, a presentation in Manchester, bi history resource stalls at some of the national “hub” events, and advice on how to identify and submit bi materials to museum archives in Liverpool.

Keep an eye on BCN’s weekly online what’s on listings for further details and any other LGBT History Month events with a bi focus.

Use it or…
Staffordshire’s bi group has closed down due to low attendance. That made it the third group to vanish in 2018 – though the winning formula for a bi group seems hard to perfect, what works in one city may not in another.
What’s making your bi group work? Tell us. And check our website’s resources page for ideas on getting a group going.