Nominate A Good Read

The Eighth Annual Bisexual Book Awards have opened nominations to find the best bi reads of 2019. Has a book you read – or wrote – stood out this year in your opinion?

We’re going to call them BBA8, as the organisers do with a sly nod to a widely adored Star Wars character, although we’re not Force’d to.

The awards are to be presented in late Spring 2020, but with more bi-related books being published than ever before the review panel will definitely need a few months to read all the nominees.

The organisers explain how it works:

Who can submit books?

Books can be submitted by the author, publisher or the Bi Writers Association (BWA). However, anyone may suggest a book for us to outreach.

What books can be submitted?

  • Any book with a bisexual/pansexual or bi+ character, bisexual storyline, bisexual subject matter or bisexual themes.
  • The book award categories are open to all authors regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Books should be first published in print in 2019.
  • Books should be published in English.
  • Books must be published in print: not only e-book format.
  • Print-on-Demand counts as “in print.”
  • Single short stories are not eligible.

When can books be submitted?
The submission deadline for BBA8 is Dec 2nd, 2019. But you can do early submission now–yours will be among the first to be announced on our website, FB & twitter. Contact us to submit. (We will provide an extension for books going into print in December, if you submit all other materials before, or on, the deadline.)

A panel of judges will decide each category. Books are judged on three main criteria:

  • Quality of overall writing
  • Quality of writing about bisexual/bi+/pansexual/fluid characters, bisexual themes or bisexual material
  • Quantity of bisexual material

Finalists for BBA8 will be chosen in each category by the judges. There will be approx 5 or 6 finalists per category–the number of finalists in a category can vary depending on the number of books submitted to that category and the number of books that the judges find deserving. The number of finalists in a category cannot exceed 50% of the titles submitted. Finalists will be announced in April.

Winners are chosen by judges and will be announced at the Bisexual Book Awards Ceremony, which usually occurs in June. The date will be announced our email lists, the BBA website, Facebook page and on Twitter – and here in Bi Community News. The date is usually confirmed in January.

How to submit?
1. Contact the Bi Writers Association with book listing in this format:

book title, author name, imprint/publisher, first year of print publication, # of pages and whether it is fiction or non-fiction; then request a submission form.

Example: America Is Not the Heart by Elaine Castillo, Viking / Penguin Random House, 2019. Fiction.

Send it to: BiWritersAssoc (at) gmail (dot) com

2. Fill out and return submission form via email, attaching one e-book copy of the book for the judges + a book cover photo + an author headshot-both in hi def.

3. Pay the $30 USD contribution per book submission (instructions are on the submission form.)

4. Send one copy of the physical book to the Bi Writers Association (address provided on the submission form.)

Questions? Email the BBA team if you have any questions about submitting your book.

What are the fees? There is a US$30 contribution to submit a book, to defray the costs of producing the awards. There is only one fee per book, even if it is submitted to multiple categories. You are always welcome to increase your contribution.

What are the categories?
Categories (see section below) will be used, created or unused, depending on the number of books in each category. There should be a minimum of 3 books in a category for that category to be used. (If it is a severely underdog category we have occasionally allowed 2 books.) If your primary category isnt available, it will be put into the next most appropriate category. Books can be submitted to multiple categories, except Romance & Fiction. There are already many, many Romance submissions for the judges to read. If Romance is not your primary category, your book will not be entered into Romance. Fiction also stands alone because it is not genre fiction.

Contact the BBA team if you’re not sure what categories to submit to.

Categories for Submission

  1. Bisexual Non-Fiction
  2. Bisexual Memoir/Biography
  3. Bisexual Fiction
  4. Bisexual Romance
  5. Bisexual Erotic Fiction
  6. Bisexual Speculative Fiction [Sci-fi/Bi-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal/-Horror/Etc.]
  7. Bisexual Teen/Young Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction
  8. Bisexual Mystery
  9. Bisexual Poetry
  10. Bisexual Anthology
  11. Bisexual Graphic Novel/Memoir
  12. Bisexual Playscript

Special Categories
Nominations for these categories are handled a bit differently, see below:

Bi Book Publisher of the Year
Awarded by the BWA to the press who publishes & submits a large number of bisexual books in the awards year. Total numbers of books submitted, quality of books and publisher degree of support to their authors are all considered in deciding this award.

Bi Writer of the Year 
Awarded to an openly bi/bi+/bisexual/pansexual/fluid author of a bisexual book or editor of a bisexual anthology. Finalists are chosen by the BWA director from finalists of all categories plus any other books in the awards of the director’s choosing. Winner is chosen by BWA Director with input from the judges.