Getting Bi Today

The new edition of Getting Bi In A Gay / Straight World launches this Tuesday.

The pamphlet, published by the UK’s oldest bi organisation BiPhoria, has grown to 28 pages of advice on coming out, staying out and making bi friends. The fourth edition has several rewritten sections as the world has moved on and things like internet listings change.

Around 20,000 copies have already been given away at Prides, Bi Visibility Day, IDAHOBIT and other stalls since its launch, and to improve its reach for people who need it Getting Bi has been made available in print, online as an issuu, flickr or pdf document, or as a narrated video on youtube.

The new version’s expanded bi history section also makes it a great resource for LGBT History Month.

Author Jen Yockney MBE says, “This new edition is bigger than ever and has extensive rewrites to bring it up to date – with fresh advice about coming out, and with fresh links to finding support online.
“Thanks to donations to BiPhoria we have been able to print thousands of copies of this new edition to help bi people and those questioning their sexual orientation to find support.”

The new editon will be unveiled in Manchester on Tuesday night at a ticket-only event that has already sold out. We look forward to the photos!