Bi Visibility Day: Political Snapshot

Twenty years on from its inception, how did Bi Visibility Day look on UK politics twitter? The date may be fixed on the 23rd but it bobs up and down the party conference season, so is sometimes at the same time as Green, SNP, Plaid, Lib Dem or Labour conferences. Sometimes this has led to seaside party flashmobs and the like. We don’t think it has been during Conservative conference yet but would be happy to be corrected!

This time the Lib Dems came off best with a tweet from party leader Jo Swinson MP that linked to nonpartisan online bi resource @BiVisibilityDay as well as repurposing their Bollocks To Brexit campaign slogan.

Neither of the Green Party’s dual-leader team commented, and neither did either Tory leader Boris Johnson nor Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.

All the main parties did acknowledge the date through their LGBT+ groups though: LGBT+ Lib Dems had a string of tweets including sharing various Bi Visibility posts from other Lib Dem party organisations.

The Greens surely secure second place, with new MEP Alexandra Philips giving a personal tweet about being bisexual:

The Green Party’s LGBTQI group ran three tweets or retweets, That said none of these tweets were linking to any bi resources.

Labour benefited from it being party conference and late on in the afternoon had a small smattering of bi messages among others from the LGBT stall at their conference. Again, beyond the hashtag they were not linking to any wider bi support.

The Conservatives LGBT group also gave the date a mention, with a fistful of tweets – but using a generic twitter bi graphic rather than photos and icons of their own creation.

Among the other parties it was a shame that there seemed to be nothing from the SNP, Plaid or Alliance.  We weren’t really expecting it from BP or the DUP.

So the challenge for next year: link to bi support, get your leader on board, and have your own imagery not just generic gifs quickly looked up on the twitter button.