Bi Circle

Social media themed ‘reality’ TV gameshow The Circle has got people talking about bisexuality again.

One of the contestants on the Channel 4 programme is Woody – he is an 18-year-old from Brighton who loves “music, festivals and reading”.

One thing though: his parents are DJ and record producer Norman Cook and broadcaster Zoe Ball. So Woody’s plan is going into The Circle to not be pre-judged or to live in their shadow.

He’s come out to fellow contestant Georgina saying, “being bisexual on The Circle, I thought I was going to have loads of chat. But in actuality, I think being 18 scared everyone away.”

Ahead of the series starting he talked about being bi in promoting the show as a contestant, saying:

“A couple of celebrities wished me well after there was an article about me being bisexual in the news. I was like, ‘Thanks but there are more important things in the world…’ It was Matt Lucas and a couple of others. I just mentioned it in an article and it was everywhere the next day.

He tells a dating story: “I once matched with someone on Tinder and realised they worked across the street from my house, and I could see them typing the reply.”

And then there’s a twist on that well-worn cliche: “I find being bisexual helps talking to girls and it doubles the pool of people I can flirt with.” The usual phrasing is that it doubles your chance of a date, but Woody has it more accurately – no matter how many people you can flirt with the chances of a date depends on who might fancy you back.

The programme’s contestants stand a chance of winning £100,000 prize money. Woody’s hope for the cash is to start a record label with it.

The Circle launched live on Channel 4, last Tuesday at 9:15pm