BiCon: New Pricing and an Early Deadline

There’s about month left to book your place at this summer’s biggest bi event, BiCon!

At least, if you are intending to stay in the onsite accommodation. For people who are attending as day visitors – don’t panic. But all you BiConners who want a place to sleep between workshops, the booking deadline is 31 May.
Pricing for tickets has changed this year from past practice to be based on “disposable income” rather than income as a whole – this makes for some trickier calculations for attendees. Most of us know if we are getting about £8,000 a year or about £30,000 – even if we have to stop to tally up what we’re receiving from work, from housing benefit, via tax credits and what have you. But how much of is your “disposable income”?
The team define it as “Disposable here means the money you have to spend on nice things – like tickets to events, cinema trips, wine, bath bombs etc.”
So another term for it might be discretionary spending: not the baked beans you’re having for tea, not your bus fare to work, and not your rent.

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