EU discusses LGBTI rights in Uganda

Yesterday, Thursday 24 October, the European Parliament adopted an urgent resolution on the situation of LGBTI people in Uganda.

In this resolution, the European Parliament:

– expresses its “deep concern at the resurgence of the anti-homosexuality bill in the Ugandan political debate” (para. 1)

– “strongly condemns Simon Lokodo’s rhetoric for fuelling homophobia and hate” (para. 1)

– reiterates its fierce opposition to all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation as well as any incitement to hatred and violence towards LGBTI people (para. 1)

– and condemns the recent killing of Brian Wasswa (para. 7).

The Parliament also notes President Museveni’s spokesperson recently denying any intention by the government to propose a new bill (para. 2), but highlights the high level of discrimination and violence towards LGBTI people in Uganda and the lack of legal protection – contrary to Uganda’s international commitments.

Finally, it calls on the EU to use political dialogue through the Cotonou Agreement to support Uganda in decriminalising homosexuality and offering full protection to LGBTI people (para. 11).

You can read the full resolution here.