High Court protects schoolkids

A High Court judge today ruled that an exclusion zone banning protests around Anderton Park School in Sparkhill, Birmingham is to continue indefinitely.

The school has been at the centre of public protests because it has been delivering lessons on things like respecting difference that some parents and unconnected local residents find troubling, fervently arguing that they know better than full-time professionals working in the field about what is ‘age appropriate’ information for children about issues like sexuality, gender and consent.

The local Labour MP, Roger Godsiff, supported the protests last summer, telling the protesters that “I will continue to try and fight your corner, because you’re right. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re right.”  He will not be restanding in December’s election.

The judge declared that, contrary to the claims of protesters, “the school does not deliver any sex education. It seeks to weave the language of equality into everyday life, conveying messages such as: ‘There are lots of different types of families…some have two mums or two dads’ and, in years 3-6, ‘gay is not an insult'”

“The teaching cannot fairly be described as any form of indoctrination.”

He reflected on the impact on the demonstrations, that “residents have found the protests intimidating, alarming and distressing”.

Some of the protesters pledged to continue their actions in spite of the ban.